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u picked the name, punk, now live with it.

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since it's what you ARE, anyway.
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Silly post. Be specific gunkid.

And who is the only one assigning homosexuality to it?

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Come on now. A smokepole is a nickname for a long barreled rifle dating back to when men used black powder. A polesmoker is a nickname for one who shoots those rifles. Ole Melvin is getting desperate.

Raider said:
Ole Melvin is getting desperate.

Or horny. Watch your a$$ Polesmoker, literally.
That feeble keyboard commando doesn't stand a chance against me.

He can't beat me on the truth and he sure as hell can't beat me in real life.

Plus we know for a fact that given his prison experiences he's a pure bottom, not a top bone in his body.

Hey Melvin one of your threads just got deleted.

You claimed you'd leave if one did; so why don't you run back to PN where you can hide behind your wife's skirt.

Or, are you gonna just prove yourself to be a LIAR again? :nyah:

BTW-It was the only thread you've started in which you are EXPERT on the subject. :laugh01:
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