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u r SCARED to ask for "permit" to have silencer

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and too inept to make one, is what it REALLY comes down to. :) So you make all your bs claims about 'why" a silencer AINT a super important part of shtf gear.

In my book, I show you how to make one and thread it onto a .22, without access to a lathe or a welder,altho having a few things done by a shop(like bore a hole lengthwise thru a 3/8x24 bolt, silver-braze on the brass "pilot" to the tap drill) are HUGE aids to having a decent can and mounting-alignment. Shop people dont need to know, and WON'Tknow what you want such things for. Just tell them it's an idea for a new kid's toy you are working on, don't want to talk about it until you have a WORKING prototype and a PATENT on the idea. :)Workslike a CHARM,believe me.
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Do you even have a CLUE about what you are talking about? You don't sound like it.

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