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u sure can GET 185 gr .45 mold. use the

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right alloy in it, the bullets will drop from the mold at 130 grs. That alloy is "non lead" solder, $8 a lb at the plumbing supply store.. You dont NEED real accuracy in order to evaluate pressures and velocities. You can hollowbase and hollowpoint the bullet by chucking it into a .5" drill and applying a dremel to the spinning bullet. use a vernier and layout blue to find-mark the center of the bullet, centerpunch it to get the Dremel "rotary file' started in the right place. You can get the bullet down to 100 grs. You can then safely get it up over 2000 fps, in a 5" .45 ACP(with a fully supported barrel,anyway) using the CCI mag primer, 12 grs of Bullseye. Start at 8 grs, if you like, it wont cycle the slide, most likely, if you use a 20 lb recoild spring. Increase the powder charge by .5 gr at a time, watching for leaky, or flowing primers, measuring the case at the web. It won't bulge the cases ANY more than does plus P 230 gr, 950 fps .45 ACP factory ammo, or 185 gr Plus P stuff. Now think about what the nearly 100% stronger, and .060" longer Rowland case will mean, with a bullet that is 30% lighter. yeah, 20% more velocity, no sweat. lose at MOST 100 fps of that 2400 fps in a 1" shorter ccw barrel. result is 70 grs, 2300 fps, JUST like I said.
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Before you try to emulate MELVIN'S (nickname andy) reloading posts. Don't! What MELVIN (andy) is telling you, is dangerous.

Always consult a good, well recognized reloading manual, and stay within the parameters listed in the reloading manual.

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