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...lets see your facts. I've got 100x the gun posts here that you have, and it will REMAIN that way. Pretty easy for me, since you know so little, type so slowly, etc.

Fact one; your beloved Beretta 21 has less than 60 foot pounds of energy, even when loaded with stingers or minimags, and has less energy at the muzzle than a 380 pocket pistol has at more than 300 yards.

Fact two; your 9x21 caliber is not only unavailable pretty much anywhere in North America, it’s less powerful than a plain-jane, over-the-counter 9 mm plus P.

Fact three; with full power ammunition, in any barrel length, the 300 whisper/blackout is more powerful than your 223 SBR.

Fact four; with subsonic ammunition, in any barrel length, the 300 whisper/blackout is more powerful than the 22 rimfire conversion kit on your 223 SBR.

Fact five; it’s faster, simpler and easier to swap between subsonic and regular ammo with the 300 whisper/blackout then with your 223 SBR.

Can you argue against any of those facts..?

And of course no willingness - and no ability - to defend his arguments. Because he objectively knows that his arguments are fictional, but all that really matters is that they're 'his' and not something that anyone else recommends. A very-far-gone example of the insecure & arrogant person's "not invented here" syndrome. If it isn't their idea it's obviously from someone else, and since everyone else is a (stupe, lame, insert insult here), then their idea must be stupid and lame as well.

Boati/andy/JMD/gunkid/sweetie/scarlett/223fan/metoo, etc - you specifically asked for some unnamed person to post facts. I listed some. Any response, or are you going to do the juvenile backpedal that we've all grown accustomed to?

Still waiting. You started this thread specifically asking for facts, yet when provided with some, you refuse to participate in the very discussion you started. That's weird.

I'm curious whether it's A)confusion or B)fear that makes you unwilling to discuss this topic. A topic that you won't participate in, yet were so worked up about that you start a thread specifically to ask (profanely) for details on it..?
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