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u wont have 13 guys,much less 300, and NO

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radios, no OTHER help, no aircraft to help you spot the guy,and he WILL be shooting at you, quite possibly with a silenced .22 auto rifle. My silencer "how to" books are not the ONLY ones ever sold,andMINE have sold over 150,000 copies. Many of them are read by SEVERAL people, and any one guy can obviously makeandmount SCORES of cans, even without access to electricity. Also, many thousands of can-making "kits" were sold in the early 1980's. Chase a fugitive,(post shtf) u will PROBABLY get shot, simple as that.
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Why won't we have any aircraft?

Why won't we have 13 men?

I know of at least two pilots that post on this board. I also know two people with rotary wing aircraft (their own), and several with fixed wing aircraft.

you keep telling us what we won't have, but you can never explain why we won't have them.

There's a whole bunch of people in the world who are pilots. There's a whole bunch of aircraft. Most GA arcraft still use magneto's and other than avionics, would survive an emp.

I just wish, that once, just once you'd spell out the scenario of shtf, so we could all be on the same page.

Like how it is that the pursuers have to eat, but th pursued doesn't...

It's the little things...

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