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Copied from an email I received:

Hello All:

For an update on what's been happening to Survival Enterprises and our Federal "problems" (I just updated it) please go to

Due to the ATF "forgetting" the law, our case here in idaho should be dismissed (you can read all about it at our legal link above). We'll see come Oct 1 at the pretrial hearing.

To see a good site that will open your eyes as to the way the Feds treat us citizens, go to If you have ANY data/reports/websites you wish to contribute to that site, please do so. As well, PLEASE tell everyone you can think of (newsgroups, bulletin boards, chat rooms, clubs, groups, etc) about and what has happened to us. We want it to be THE place where anyone can find the reality of the evil our Government both performs and condones on it's citizens.

We've moved. Without firearms sales, we couldn't afford our 6,500 sq foot building. We're now in a 1,500 sq foot office, selling mostly our alternative health products, Mountain House freeze dried foods and some survival stuff. New address is:

Survival Enterprises
615 E 6th Ave Suite A
Post Falls, Idaho 83854

New phone number is: (208) 777-9493 Toll free number is the same: 800 753-1981

In doing research on how to get my $100,000 worth of property back from the Feds, I discovered a totally hidden law (in 2000) that forces the Feds to appoint me a lawyer to fight for my rights and try and get my stuff back. This thing the Feds do when stealing the citizens goods/money/"stuff" is called Asset Forfieture. To see what it's all about, go to a wonderful website (without whose help I'd still be in the dark) at

It seems that the Feds have been keeping this new law totally secret. (can you spell "class action lawsuit???)

See ya

Kurt ([email protected])

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thanks, for the post RICH!

i saved it in favorites ,how dated is this info? i hit, 2 of the 3 sites posted

sounded like the EX-RENO,[to me]

i punched in the ATF personal abuse , there is only to points posted[when my CCW expiered. under RENO] I HAD TO WAIT[3days] , ON GUN BUYS. as i'm red flagged on a d.v arrest[dropped,i called the bastards] and a d.c[fist fight ,i slept in jail that night, also]

yet, my CARD , lets me lay my money down and walk out with my new gun!

by all MEANS PEOPLE,never ever just roll with the flow!you gotta' fight! or big gov. brother WILL roll you up in the carpet ,AND HAUL YOUR ASS TO THE LANDFILL!



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I've received several emails from Kurt over the last several months. I must be on their mailing list from something I bought from them a long while back. I doubt I kept all the emails, but I thought they had a link on their site detailing what happened to them. From what I can recall, just another case of BATF trying to drive ever more FFLs out of the business.
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