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US Army Testing New Rifle to Replace the M16

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The Army has completed the initial testing of 30 prototype XM8 Light Weight Assaukt rifkes and will receive 700 more in December and 800 more in early 2004. These 1500 rifles will be issued to reqular troops for extensive field testing. duribg 2004. If these tests are succesful the XM8 rifle full scale production program will start in 2005 and will be standardized as the M8 weapon system and will be issuesd to troops in 2006
The XM8 is a 5.56X45mm and weighs 29% less than the M4 Carbine and the M16A2 Rifle which it will replce.
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A little more information:

Weigth empty 5.97 pounds (rifle version)
Action gas operated with rotary bolt
Magazine capacity 30 rounds
Grenade launcher can have a 40mm, 30mm or 25mm launcher attached
Can be assembled in five different configurations Rifle, carbine, silenced submachine gun, squad marksman with heavy barrel and telescopic sight and vehicle crewmans version.
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