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and carrying a longer one. I thought that the longer barrel might get "snagged" as I tried to get the gun "level", especially with the FBI rig. I had an incident that proved that worry to be most unlikely. When you are SCARED, you lift that gun PLENTY high enough to clear your waistband. :)

I had a canned Ruger.22 behind my hip, midnight, walking from my attic shop to Pam's place,midwinter. It was 11" long, and I'd practiced the ccw draw with it back there only a very few times, and not many open-wear draws with such a gun, in any position, only a few times more. I was wearing an Army field jacket.It was cold,but I was moving briskly, so I hadn't bothered to fasten the coat.

I was on the left side of the street, on the sidewalk. I heard the sort of snarling growl that the Army's trained killers make as they attack, and heard a chain being drug. The Ruger was in my hand without any thought whatsoever on my part. I later had no memory of whether I had cleared the coat with my weak hand first,or if I'd made and FBI "little finger brush". I had no way of knowing if the chain was secured,or how long it was. I shot the big Shephard in the top of the head, at about 4 ft from the muzzle, just as he hit the end of the chain.

That's the only time I felt the need to actually drop the hammer on an attacker. The Ruger was so quiet, that I actually heard the "pop" as the dog's chin hit the sidewalk. While it was a shame to have had to kill somebody's pet, they shouldn't have had such a dangerous animal where some little kid could have been eaten-alive. All in all, I felt quite ok about the entire incident, on the way back to my girl's place.I've had several other similar occasions, when the gun "grew out-of-my-wrist", both on dogs and on men. It is a very good thing to know that your training will take care of that part of things for you. It frees up your conscious mind to make the "fire-or-not?" decision.
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