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Please vote for one or more of the following people for moderators

Voting poll on prospective moderators.

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This is a multiple choice poll, so you can vote for more than one person to be moderator. I have compiled a list of everyone who has expressed an interest in the job, except for one person who has left.

I am also providing a NOTA (none of the above) vote for anyone who feels that none of the candidates are suitable, just in case.
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Rich Z said:
This is a multiple choice poll, so you can vote for more than one person to be moderator. I have compiled a list of everyone who has expressed an interest in the job, except for one person who has left.

I am also providing a NOTA (none of the above) vote for anyone who feels that none of the candidates are suitable, just in case.

any of them means you won't have 10 posts a week here anymore.
Gunkid, I actually would not be deleting your posts, unless of course, Rich wanted them deleted.

I would however, move them to their proper forums, since you are unable to post in the proper place to begin with.

You see, unlike you, even if I was a moderator here, it isn't MY BOARD, like everyone else (including you), I would be expected to follow the rules and guidelines of the board.

Oh, somehow I don't think this board is going to dry up and blow away JD, but it could happen, it sure did at PN.

I want folks to know that I'm tired of jumping about the firearms and survivalist boards and am looking fo a place to call home. I'm still quite intrested in a moderater position and would like to be a part of making this sight a first class hangout for folks that share our intrest of firearms, preparedness, woodcraft and the free exchange of whatever the fvck idea seems intresting at the time.

Rich, I like Aslan's Idea of moving stuff where it belongs and not deleting things unless absolutely necessary (terms of which would have to be defined by you). But the way this guy spams the board, it might be too much for one volunteer, might just want to keep that in mind.
Teuf, I think more people would be inclined to stay here, because it wasn't just GoonKid that killed PN. Most of those others didn't migrate here. As a result, there's been a LOT more useful info diseminated here and a LOT less of "the sky is falling. . .again" paranoia.
Very true Mag, thats why I think it would be worth the effort to make a home here. You know though, you just can't deny the fact that, that when JD leaves the folks that followed him here are going to slack way off, most of activity here right now is in response to JD goofyness.

How many post get started on non-JD related subjects and just sit there while every stuipid JD utterance gets jumped on. Look at GB's Forum, he works double hard to make a place for intelligent topics and they sit there with a few polite "good post GB" responses. Time will tell, but it's a better than average chance, that JD is quite correct about what dirrection this board will go, it will all depend on the paticipents.

JD probually just needs to be put in cage like at PN or completely banned, you don't change a tigers stripes, and no matter who ends up moderating they are really just going to be running behind JD cleaning up after him.

Internet forums are an intresting social arangments.

Teuf, you make some valid observations. As far as GBullets stuff, he posts very good information. It is informative and educational. Sometimes there's no need for any back and forth discussion.

Luck at some of the other threads - there's been some good exchanges in the martial arts section, as well as others.

But, nothing sparks discussion better than when someone makes a post that is flat out wrong or highly controversial in nature. Insults are also good for generating discussion. JD excells at these types of posts.

True, I originally came here to follow the GK bashing festival - It's actually somewhat recrational to see and deal with some of the idiotic things he posts.

but, something interesting appears to be starting to happen here. I look forward to GBullet's posts, as well as posts by others. True, many of the posts are in response to GK's garbage.

But, I beleive GK is becoming less and less relevant to the site each day. (after all, after he posts the same subject for about the hundredth time, it starts to not even be worth the debate...)

If he can't handle having his posts moved to where they belong, then too bad, so sad, sucks to be him. Most adults understand the concept of keeping threads in the proper forums.

And, yes the internet makes for some interesting social interactions...

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I lost me edit button for some reason... oh well, the word "luck" above should have been "look"

I'm not voting for anyONE person.I think that because the group is (for now) fairly small that everyone should take a turn if their so inclined.I've seen that different people here seem to have different specialites-fine.That doesn' me,mean that one person would/will be the best.Everyone brings something to the table.& for the most part all included are of a similar mind set.

I just think that while the group is still small that everyone could take a turn.In my admittedly limited web travels I haven't seen this before.
BTW,"their" should be they're.(no edit in this forum)
We have some really first class people who have volunteered to be moderators. While I did cast a vote, I would be happy to see any of them chosen. As far as gunkid is concerned, I really have no wish to have him banned. Some of his idiotic posts have opened up very interesting topics for discussion - his posts on criminal activities for example. We really need more 'out-of-the-box' thinking or our discussions will become the same old blah thing day after day.

Rika - obviously you see the what I am driving at.

I believe andy/223 fan/gunkid does have a substantial knowledge and experience base to draw from, and many of his posts do have some value when everything but the facts are discarded. If the porcupine attitude could be removed from his persona, then I think perhaps he would see that he is creating his own problems wherever he goes. Calling someone a "<font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font>" or other derogatory name has never won an argument in the history of civilization, as far as I know.

Any moderators chosen here will need to enforce the rules fairly and evenly. Which means the road goes both ways. Derogatory statements to and about gunkid will cease. And any moderator engaging in such language will be removed immediately. I have seen enough forum sites completely destroyed by rogue moderators to realize the danger, so I will be watching closely to make sure that it won't happen here. At least not that way.

I'll be honest with you, I think gunkid has a pretty sharp mind and a quick wit. If he would learn how to use it as a razor instead of a club, he would be much more effective in his arguments. You do see a glimmer of that potential every now and again in his postings, but I guess it takes more work to do then he is willing to put into his writing style.

I'm thinking along the lines of possibly assigning several people as moderators, but limit each one to particular forums instead of globally. That would distribute the workload somewhat, I think. But I'll have to give it more thought before I make a decision. I guess I would have to make up some rules for the moderator(s) to follow as well, since I wouldn't want anyone to go into this blindly not knowing what I expect of them.
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Rich, in limiting mods to single forums, how would one go about moving a rogue thread to the proper forum?

Let's just say we agree to disagree on how much practical knowledge GK demonstrates. (but, as I've said before, this is your board, your rules apply)

I believe that I can set up the moderator(s) to be able to copy threads from the forum they have moderating duties, into one which they do not. But honestly I have never tried to do that.

As for the agreement/disagreement concerning practical knowledge, much of this may be subject to opinions and not clearly black and white absolutes. Opinions, even ones which may prove to be wrong, should be able to be aired by everyone. In a case where someone's opinion may be dangerous for someone else to follow, well I believe that is up to the person considering following such advice to determine that course or not. We shouldn't presume to make that decision for them.
Personally, I see 90% of the mod's job as deleting offensive material. His ideas, good or bad, are easily strained from the crap he surrounds them with. There's no need for him to be banned, and he'd get a much better response if he'd just clean his own act up. He's gotten positive responses the few times he's posted without all the vitriol, but apparently doesn't want that, which is too bad. Even a bad idea is a good thing as others will correct it.
OK, it looks like Teufelhund has withdrawn from the running.

How do you all want to work this? Do you want me to pick one or two, or should I take several of the top votes and spread them among various forums? Of just have all of them general moderators to ALL forums?

What I would like to see is those people taking over moderating duties to have a real interest in promoting active interesting discussions on this site. Not simply waiting in the wings for some behavior that needs correction from another member. So if it would be easier to have forums you want to specialize in and feel most comfortable being in, we can certainly do it that way. I'm not bailing out and leaving you all to your own devices, so bear in mind that I will be keeping an eye on things. Most of you I don't know personally, so I won't feel comfortable handing you too much authority here until I have gotten that warm fuzzy feeling about how you will handle things here.

I suspect that the adding of moderators will in itself reduce the workload, since "you know who" has already stated he will leave when moderators are in place, so that's why I am hoping that the moderators will be "promoters" and "catalysts" for this site.

What do you think? Can this be a workable plan? Or is there too much risk of too many cooks spoiling the broth in here?

Thanks for offering to help out, btw.

Oh, and Glenn, I am taking your last posting on this matter to heart. If you want to help out, I would be grateful for your help.
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What about having someone who's been around a while that you kinda know (like Glenn) be a global moderator, and give the other guys certain forums to mod? Maybe have them volunteer for subjects they have interest in, helping promote discussion in those forums?
Rich Z,

Please delete my entire Armslocker account, I wouldn't be bothering you here if my PM function hadn't been disabled.

Teuf, you still gonna be posting on PN?
You've posted a lot of good info lately and I'd for one like to keep in touch.
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