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War With China
Charles R. Smith
Friday, Nov. 21, 2003
Battleground America

China has declared a global war. China has openly named its foes, warning them to come into line or face terrible retribution.

China's recent threat against Taiwan is only one of many opponents that China is prepared to destroy. China openly warned Taiwan that the red state will re-unite with its long-lost brothers and sisters even if the People's Liberation Army has to kill everyone on the island.

"If the Taiwan authorities collude with all splittist forces to openly engage in pro-independence activities and challenge the mainland and the one-China principle, the use of force may become unavoidable," said Wang Zaixi, Chinese vice minister of the Taiwan Affairs Office.

According to Wang, Taiwan will "pay a high cost if they think we will not use force."

The openly belligerent warning is not expected to help global peace. Chinese efforts to shut down Taiwan include threatening to veto the U.N. peacekeeping force for Liberia unless the Liberian government ejects Taiwanese diplomats. Liberia and the U.N. caved in to Beijing's threats.

The actual threat of force is aimed not just at Taiwan but also at its two largest supporters, Japan and the United States. Yet Beijing's growing war machine will not encourage a policy change in Tokyo or Washington except toward more defense spending.

The last similar threat was made by the second in command of the PLA itself. Gen. Xiong Guangkai told Western reporters that China was prepared to vaporize Los Angeles if the U.S. backed Taiwan.

The most recent threat by Beijing will serve one purpose: It is certain to drive Taiwan's nationhood campaign and its nuclear weapons program into high gear.

China at War With Itself

The fact remains that China is at war with itself. The democracy in Taiwan represents but one of many threats against the brutal communist regime in Beijing. The Chinese Communist party, unable to tolerate any freedom, is at war against its own people, jailing millions of political dissenters in the Lao Gai prison camps.

For example, Chinese cyber-dissident Luo Yongzhong was recently given a harsh jail sentence for subversion. Luo's crime was to post articles on the Internet "attacking the socialist system." Luo published more than 150 articles on current events, including some direct criticism of the Communist government. Lou was given three years in jail for his efforts.

The war against the Chinese people waged by the Communist Party is most evident in its campaign against the Falun Gong. Since 1999, when the party outlawed the spiritual practice, over 100,000 Falun Gong members have been sent to Lao Gai camps.

More than 500 Falun Gong members have been sentenced to prison terms of up to 18 years. Over 1,000 have been forced into mental hospitals, an act condemned by the World Psychiatric Association.

At least 800 Falun Gong members have died while in police custody. Torture and brutal treatment are the norm. Chinese government sources inside China calculate that the actual number of Falun Gong members killed by the police exceeds 1,600.

The Wall Street Journal's Ian Johnson won a Pulitzer Prize with his stories documenting Chinese government abuses, including the case of Chen Zixiu, a 58-year-old woman who was beaten and tortured to death for refusing to renounce Falun Gong.

China at War in America

The war against the Falun Gong does not end at the Chinese border. For those of you who feel safe in America, be warned: The Chinese Communist Party is at work here inside our nation.

Our Constitution is the founding principle and the core of our freedom, including the freedom of speech and freedom of religion. However, Chinese intelligence, military and political officials have already engaged in documented efforts to deny U.S. citizens their rights here inside America.

One case involves Randy Voepel, the mayor of Santee, Calif.

"I received a very strong, very intimidating letter from the Consulate of the Communist Chinese," stated Mayor Voepel during a 2002 interview.

"Dear Mayor, the purpose that I am writing to you today is to discuss with you a matter which is of great importance and grave concern to the Chinese Government and its relations with the United States," stated the letter to Mayor Voepel.

"It is our hope that your City, by proceeding from the overall friendly relations between China and United States and by taking your citizen's interests into consideration, will earnestly consider the request from the Chinese side that no recognition and support in any form should be given to the Falun Gong cult organization, including designating a 'day' or a 'week' to Falun Gong, Falun Dafa or its leader," continued the letter from the Chinese government.

"They came up with a list of things that they either didn't want us to do for the Falun Gong, or things that they wanted us to do to the Falun Gong," stated Mayor Voepel flatly.

'Chilled Me to My Bones'

"I must tell you I have no connection at all to the Falun Gong. From a mayor's viewpoint, these people are a little exercise group, and I was very surprised a national government of the stature of the Chinese People's Republic would go to the length of contacting all the mayors in California. It was just very unsettling to me. It chilled me to my bones."

Mayor Voepel is not the only U.S. official to get a harsh letter, filled with threats, from the Chinese government. New Jersey Congressman Donald Payne was asked by Chinese Embassy officials to withdraw the Falun Gong notice in the Congressional Record.

The mayors of Saratoga and Alhambra, Calif., Seattle, Baltimore and St. Louis all have been asked directly by Chinese Consulate officials to rescind proclamations given in support of Falun Gong.

In February 2001, the Chinese Consulate General of Los Angeles asked Pasadena city officials to make the Pasadena Civic Auditorium off-limits to Falun Gong practitioners.

According to the general manager, Rick Barr: "A day after they called the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, the Consulate dropped off anti-Falun Gong pamphlets. ... What I told them was [Falun Gong] has signed a contract for the auditorium and we do not discriminate based on beliefs."

While many local officials have rebuffed the communist pressure, some have given in without a fight, including the mayors of San Francisco, Seattle, Baltimore and Los Angeles – all of whom in 1999 rescinded proclamations they had issued for the Falun Gong.

China's war against the Falun Gong on U.S. soil not only runs counter to American principles, it is also illegal. The activities of the Chinese government constitute a crime against our homeland, our cherished Constitution and our sovereignty.

The Chinese war against the tiny democracy Taiwan, the Falun Gong, Tibetan monks and cyber-dissidents has begun. The war is one of tyranny against freedom. It has spilled over the vast Pacific Ocean and landed right here in Main Street, USA.

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RS, An interesting artical, can you post a link? I looked and only found this:

War With China
Charles R. Smith
Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2001

On the first day of World War III, the United States lost two-thirds of its military and nearly half its population, yielding superiority to communist China. U.S. orders of the day were of high alert, and there is simply no evading the fact that we were not ready.
The Chinese rain of missiles on U.S. installations and homeland cities was a military masterpiece. The People's Liberation Army Second Artillery Corp achieved complete surprise, armed only with a small force of more than 300 tactical and 10 strategic missiles.

Defenseless against the attack, U.S. forces in Hawaii, Alaska, South Korea and Japan were quickly overwhelmed by the guided warheads of the Chinese missiles. The bombs plunged out of the inky blackness of space, striking within seconds of each other. The rain of death fell swiftly upon a sleeping America with precise and devastating accuracy.

In a span of little more than 30 minutes, China wiped out Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Chicago, Washington, Boston, New York, Hawaii, Manila, Seoul, Taipei and Tokyo.

China sank five U.S. carriers, seven Ohio class submarines, vaporized more than 200 MX and Minuteman missiles and destroyed more than 800 combat aircraft including 15 B-2 strategic bombers. The strikes also killed more than 100 million people without the loss of a single PLA soldier.

The Second Artillery succeeded by striking key U.S. bases, warships and air fields with a swift and bold attack. The attack left China with 10 remaining strategic missiles and nearly 300 tactical missiles, holding the devastated U.S. homeland hostage to another strike.

Despite the calls to retaliate, sending the scattered remains of U.S. nuclear forces against China would not stop another attack on America, nor would it stop the PLA Generals who ordered the first.

There is no question that the U.S. strategic missiles could devastate the Chinese homeland. However, killing hundreds of millions of innocent Chinese citizens would do little to deter the warlords in Beijing from launching the second wave of 10 missiles while remaining hidden inside bomb-proof tunnels.

China's sudden and brutal attack forced America to surrender on Beijing's terms. In little more than 48 hours, China won World War III.

No U.S. Defense Against Attack

Fiction? Then consider this fact: The United States has no defense against a missile attack. The U.S. has NO missile defense and is only testing a limited system that might stop one or two missiles.

Those who minimize the Chinese strategic forces frequently state that China has only 20 missiles. These people are fools playing games with the lives of millions of innocent humans. They fail to mention that each Chinese strategic missile is tipped with a multi-megaton H-bomb that can vaporize a city.

In the previous scenario, Chinese forces used only half their current strategic and tactical missiles in a single attack, turning 10 of the top U.S. cities and most of free Asia into charred, radioactive wastelands.

China apologists also question whether Beijing is willing to wage war against America. However, the Chinese military makes it very clear it wants nuclear combat with the U.S.A.

According to an August 1999 policy document published by the People's Liberation Army Office of the Central Military Command, "unlike Iraq and Yugoslavia, China is not only a big country, but also possesses a nuclear arsenal that has long since been incorporated into state warfare system and play a real role in our national defense."

"In comparison with the U.S. nuclear arsenal, our disadvantage is mainly numeric, which in real wars the qualitative gap will be reflected only as different requirement of strategic theory," states the PLA military document.

"In terms of deterrence, there is not any difference in practical value. So far we have built up the capability for the second and third nuclear strikes and are fairly confident in fighting a nuclear war. The PCC [communist Party Central Committee] has decided to pass though formal channels this message to the top leaders in the U.S."

China also has recently tested a new long-range missile capable of reaching America, the DF-31. The DF-31 is capable of delivering a single multi-megaton H-bomb or up to three 90-kiloton nuclear bombs. The most recent DF-31 test took place earlier this year, and some Pentagon analysts expect the PLA Second Artillery will begin active deployment of DF-31 units early next year.

1,000 Nuclear Missiles by 2006

Clearly, China apologists must seriously consider the growing capability of Beijing's nuclear missile forces, including the tremendous buildup of short-range tactical missiles. China continues to deploy short-range "Dong Feng" or "East Wind" missiles. China has a force of nearly 500 DF-15 and DF-11 mobile tactical missiles and at the current rate of production will have more than 1,000 missiles by 2006.

The Soviet Union and the U.S. considered the short-range tactical missile to be the most dangerous threat to peace because of its short flight time. Despite the tension between Moscow and Washington, both sides agreed to withdraw and ban the weapons. The Soviet SS-20 Saber and U.S. Pershing missiles were dismantled and destroyed.

It is worth noting that each Chinese DF-15 tactical missile has a flight time of less than four minutes, from launch to impact. Today, China dominates the tactical nuclear missile category and frequently demonstrates that fact. In 1996, China dropped dummy DF-15 warheads just off Taiwan's coastline.

Illegal Missile Exports to Pakistan

Nor are Chinese missiles limited strictly to China. According to documents obtained from the Clinton administration, China sold Pakistan 34 nuclear-tipped DF-11 missiles in 1992. The DF-11 missiles, exported as the M-11, are based at Sargodha air force base, west of Lahore, next to the Pakistani plutonium reactor at Khushab.

In August 1994, Ron Brown wrote a briefing document for Bernard Schwartz, CEO of Loral. That document is one of many from the withheld files of Ron Brown obtained by this author using the Freedom of Information Act. The document is a pre-China briefing report prepared for Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz in August 1994 by Commerce and is titled "Background Information".

"EXPORT CONTROLS. Last August [1993], the U.S. imposed sanctions on China for an M-11 missile-related transfer to Pakistan. On January 7, 1994 it was decided that although communications satellites licensed by the State Department are covered by the sanctions law, export licenses for communications satellites licensed by the Department of Commerce may be approved. Two such export licenses for communications satellites were recently approved by the Department of Commerce."

Rewarding Illegal Exports

Then-President Bill Clinton gave China a vast array of missile technology with the stroke of his pen despite the illegal DF-11 exports to Pakistan. The Chinese military obtained encrypted radiation hardened chips from Loral, post-boost vehicle technology from Lockheed, telemetry systems from Motorola and nose cone technology from Hughes. The Chinese generals made huge profits from the advanced rocket and satellite deals with America.

One of the main reasons why China continues to violate arms export treaties is because many of the Chinese leaders who signed the treaties also have a vested interest to break them. The Chinese generals that do the official arms negotiating also happen to own the same munitions factories that sell DF-11 missiles to Pakistan.

China is no longer a backward communist nation but a modern nuclear-armed fascist state, more closely resembling Francisco Franco's Spain with the bomb. Ownership is legal to a limited few. China has no conflict-of-interest laws. You can be a Chinese general, the rich owner of a major arms company and an arms control minister in the Chinese government all at the same time.

In 2001, Chinese DF-11 missile parts were spotted by satellite entering Pakistan. The violation should invoke economic and political sanctions according to MTCR missile treaties signed by Beijing. However, much like Loral's Bernard Schwartz in 1994, U.S. satellite makers are again anxious to restart exports to China by 2002.

No Calls for Sanctions

So far, there have been no calls from the White House or Congress to invoke sanctions against Beijing for violating the missile export treaties. None of the U.S. European allies, so outraged at American anti-missile tests, have uttered a word about Beijing's nuclear missile exports to Pakistan.

One way to slow the illegal sales from Beijing is to use the provisions in the MTCR treaties and invoke sanctions. The first and most useful signal that Washington could issue to Beijing is a firm "no" on the sale of U.S. satellites.

Another way to prevent World War III is to for America to build an anti-missile system as quickly as possible. The question of whether it will work may never be answered. However, a weapon never used in combat can be a success if only because it made victory in battle an uncertain verdict for dictators and tyrants.


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War with China, is all but inevitable. The question is what form will it take? War by proxy? direct confrontation? small skirmishes? Toe to toe nukes? This would pull in the Russians and the NorKs

I have no doubt that Biden will allow them to take Taiwan without any opposition from us militarily.

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War with China, is all but inevitable. The question is what form will it take? War by proxy? direct confrontation? small skirmishes? Toe to toe nukes? This would pull in the Russians and the NorKs

I have no doubt that Biden will allow them to take Taiwan without any opposition from us militarily.
Unfortunately I also agree.

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An interesting article on the reorganizing of the United States Marines Corps and it looks like it's to the purpose of taking islands in n the Pacific again.


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It's hard to say what the Pedophile in Chief would do.

He'd have to do something but in the post WW2 Era Democrat party back and forth tough/weak stances are common.
And with the current crop of Marx loving PC Commie-crats it's even worse.

What I do know is if China does anything overtly aggressive that harms US Service Personnel.
And the Biden Administration does little more than talk.
The Dems would be toast in the midterms and the next presidential election, except in some of the People's Idiotic Republic States and Counties. Maybe not even in them who knows.

BUT, if they continue on their current level of activities probably not.
There seems a bit of history repeating itself as I recall that the USMC back in the 30's was expecting and prepping as best they could for war with Japan.
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