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Warning points

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I've noticed here and at FC that you can't see user's warning points anymore. Is that intentional? Are they kept private now?

Just curious...
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That's news to me! They should be visible to all registered and logged in members.
I just logged into FC under a regular registered username and could see the links to the warning points there. Not sure why you can't see them. Are you logged in?
Yeah, I am. I can't see them here or at FC. Haven't seen them for a couple of weeks. I'll pop over to FC and see if they are still invisible (to me).
Just checked....Still not able to see them.
For what it's worth, I can't see them anymore either.
Hmm, it may because you guys were put into a special user group. I just went over to FC and disbanded that group and made you all back to regular registered members. See if that makes a difference.

You are still in the Advisors group here, so if that is the cause of the problem, I will leave the choice up to you about what you want to do here. So far, the warning points system has not been used here, so it is no loss to you yet. Once things get running in a higher gear here, that may not be the case, and I will have to figure out something. I may just disband the advisors group here as well, if you all feel it is better without it. Right now, that Advisors forum can ONLY be read (I think, anyway) by people whom are in the Advisors group. But maybe just putting everything out in the open here in the Feedback forum would be better to do.

Just let me know.

I can see them on FC now. It was no big deal...I was just wondering if it was a policy change.

I vote to keep the "advisor" status :D .
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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