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andy said:
BILLIONS of $of private monies from US citizens and companies, and the Arabs all KNOW it. Without all that support for Isreal from the US, the Arabs wouldn't have HAD to buy lots of Russian armanent, to try to retake Jerusalem from the Jews. The Arabs all know this to be the truth,. They aint THAT stupid and ignorant. Isreal never has ,and never will, be self supporting. The resources just AINT there, for the number of people there, given the tremendous drain put on them by the need to defend against the Arabs. The Arabs spend BILLIONS of $ each year to keep up that presure, and they know very well it TAKES billions of $ to resist it ,and they also know that Isreal's GNP just DOESN'T include that kind of money, left over after basic survival needs are taken care of. Nobody else is sending Isreal jack crap, and the Arabs know THAT, too.
So,what would you have the US do?Admit a mistake,basically murder every Israeli through indifference,& just continue like nothing ever happened?Just go on like the last fifty years never happened?As you mentioned,there is a large monetary support for Israel here.I don't believe that there exists a politician w/enough backbone to decline the dough & let the assistance slide.

I've never understood the reason why we,the US,never pushed to expand Israel beyond its tiny border & make it a bigger country physically.I read somewheres that there were several hundred thousand more people who want to emigrate there but are denied because the lack of physical room.
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