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This is something I should have done a long time ago.

I've always had an interest in weaponry, particularly firearms, but I just never thought that a meeting place where I could talk to people about EVERYTHING in this area should be something I should do myself. But I have another rather successful site, and decided to use it as a template to build this site, and just see whether or not it flies.

This site officially went online around September 17th, 2003. So it is brand spanking new. I am in the process of spreading the word about it, but I am trying hard not to be a pain in the butt in the process of doing so.

Of course right now things look really barren on this site, but that's to be expected with a startup like this. This CAN be an interesting and fun place to hang out, but I need everyone's help in order to make it like that. My job will be to guard the gates and keep out the riffraff that can destroy any good site if allowed to do so. Discussions are good, even of the heated variety, but there is a point where it gets tiresome to everyone. Some people have nothing better to do than to be a troll and try to make life miserable for everyone else. I will do my best to keep that from happening here.

I am open to suggestions of any sort on how to make this site better and more enjoyable. I can't guarantee that I can do everything that is suggested, but I will give them all serious consideration. I can add forums at will, but have restrained myself slightly to keep this site from just being too overwhelming right off the bat. Any of the forums can be expanded to be complete sections of their own with subforums within them. That will come in time as I perceive the need to help keep threads more organized.

By the way, in message board parlance a "thread" is a group of messages with the starting message visible as a topic line. You start up a line thread of messages within any of the forums by clicking on the button that says start new thread. This should be on every forum page up near the right hand upper corner, as well as in the lower left hand corner. While you are actually IN a thread, you can post a reply by clicking on the button that says post a reply which appear in the upper and lower right hand corners of the screen displaying the thread you are reading.

If you get lost or don't understand something here, there is a HELP! forum in the Admin section towards the bottom of the main forum page.

All people wishing to post messages MUST register first in order to do so. Up near the upper right hand corner of the screen is the link needed in order to accomplish that task.

So please help to make this site reach it's full potential. This can be one hell of a resource for everyone, and I hope you will all help me reach that goal.

Thank you.
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