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A white guy is about to take his girlfriend, Wendy, to Jamaca for a vacation. As a special treat for her, he decided to get her name tatooed on his penis. After it had healed, he showed it to his girlfriend, still flacid.

"What do you think?" he askes her.
"It just says WY" replies Wendy.

As the night progressed, she noticed that as he bacame excited, the word grew.

"Oh, it says Wendy!!!" she says, and thought it was cute.

2 months later......

As they are lying together on the beaches of Jamaca, enjoying their vacation on a nude beach, Wendy notices a local man walk by. She sees that his penis has the letters W Y tattood on it.

"Excuse me, but is your wifes name 'Wendy' too?" she askes the local man.

"No ma'am. Mine says 'Welcome to Jamaca, Have a nice daY"

The end.

Stupid, but oh well.
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