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weren't any combat matches in central Ill,

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either, until I MADE them happen, in 1977. I guaranteed a $100 purse, first 4 places, paid $5 entry fee, and paid 30-20-10, 5% to 1st, second, 3rd, 4 th place. "The club" kept the remaining 35%. I'd win, so I got 65% of the purse. I WAS the club, of course. I built the props, targets, stands, etc.I typed up and mailed out the newsletters. I put up the ads for the matches. I ran the matches. I loaded and sold ammo. i made holsters and mag pouches. I smithed the guns and taught guys how to use them (swiftly enough to be competetive, at other matches that they went-to.

So you CAN have realistic matches "near you". All you have to do is MAKE it happen. The shooters ARE there, you just have to motivate them, that's all.

As long as I got 10 entrants, and I WON,I'd never lose money on a match. You can do the same, but nobody expects to pay less than $10 entry fee these days, $15 is more like it, when there's something of value to be won, by several shottists.
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Show us proof.

Sounds like you should have stayed at that and you would be in a pretty shape legally and financially right about now.
Proof would be nice, so would something thats NOT almost 30 years old.Even if it's true, it's ancient history.I really think melvin hates the idea that those folks in the 70's who got real matches going, went on to become something, while he being the strap hanger he's always been threw his life away on bs.
I'm match director of a 2 gun match on Sept 26, I'm shooting a match in Lethbridge AB the weekend before. The Lethbridge match will be based on the style of matches that I put on. What do they say, plagerism is the most sincere form of flattery. Come on up and join us.
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