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What 22 pistol would you want for SHTF survival.

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Let us Limit this situation to 22 caliber firearms only.

1. If you were to get a .22 pistol, for procuring food during SHTF times, what would you get, or what do you have?

2. How would you want it to be set up, such sights, magazines, accessories, belts and holsters, etc?

3. Why did you choose this particular pistol?

4. What types of 22 ammunition, do you prefer?

5. How much 22 ammunition do you have stored away?

6. If you see no practical use for a .22 handgun in your situation, are you relying instead on snares, and trapping, or a 22 rifle for shooting things bigger than rabbits, and upland game?

7. Would you use a 22 rifle to complement a 22 pistol?

Does snaring, and trapping, have any practical use for you in procuring food at all?

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gill nets and trotlines are far better,

but snares, made with fishline, or electrical or telephone wire, have certain applications, basically at the mouths of dens. Overlapped woven wire fence makes seines, fish traps, turtle traps, box traps. 22 conversion for the scoped and canned CAR-15 covers most of the foraging, but in case of very close chances, a canned, smithed up M21 Beretta is nice. 8" and 14 ozs, total, it's not much in the way of wt or bulk. It can be ccw'd, suddenly drawn and used to deal with some "problem", whenever the rifle is disassembled and concealed in the pack. Because already carrying .22 ammo for the conversion unit for the rifle, there's no wt or bulk penalty for ammo for the M21. It's small and lw enough to let a guy ALSO carry a pocketable 9mm. Say 2 lbs of 9m, spare mags, ammo, holster.
standard hp lr's dont expand in flesh,

fired from less than 6" barrels. I've taken scores of squirrels with solids, but then I can SHOOT, and Clint obviously can barely scratch a squirrel. Millions of guys have the same experience. Hit a squirrel solidly in the chest, with a .22 solid, and he rarely makes it anywhere.
u r simply fos. thousand of us know it,

too. Hey stupid, can you READ? does your 1022 have less than a 6" barrel? :) What a [bleep]ing idiot liar you are.
yes, since u CLAIM to have shot 1000's

of squirrels, and NONE of them were stopped by chest hits with solids quote:"solids always seem to let them get into their holes", yes, you are a liar. millions of us have dropped squirrels with 22 soldis, both with pistols and rifles. We KNOW you are lying about that, so why do you BOTHER to try to get away with it? Why insult everbody's intelligence, dummy?
revolvers are VERY hard to generalize

about, accuracy wise. Most are hard pressed to deliver much better than 1.5" at 25 yds(using all their chambers) and any decent .22 autopistol is much more accurate than that. SOME chambers of a revolver are typically considerably more accurate than others. Using a machine rest, you can find out which ones are which, along with what ammo works best, but at 2-3x the cost of a Browning buckmark, the Diamondback is a real ripoff.
25,000 rds, for WHAT? after I hadn't

TOUCHED a pistol in 7 years, only dryfired one 2 days, fired 50 rds, in 12 years, I had no problem at all printing 3" groups, slowfire weaver offhand, with a good .22 auto, first try. Within 50 rds, and one hour, I was back under 2". With a can on the gun, it's a LOT easier to build and maintain such skill, too. So WHAT are you going to fire 25,000 rds at, man? Nothing much, not even in 20 years of shtf. The game is all going to be GONE in a month or 2, and only an idiot won't be using snares, traps, trotlines, nets, etc, and shooting stuff like dogs, livestock, deer, with .22, to make BOTH the ammo and the EFFORT/RISK go as far as possible.

100 rds a month would be a HUGE amount of shooting, as a foraging thing, with a scoped, canned .22 autorifle, anyway. What are you shooting, ferchrissakes, sparrows? You HAVE to get at LEAST half of your food from PLANTS, or you'll get sick within a FEW months. You only need 2-3 lbs of food a day, say 1 lb of flesh food, and fish are MUCH easier to gather than are birds or animals. So there you are, at most .5 lb of meat a day. Better shoot SOME large animals, ya know. So you are at 2-3 rds of .22 a WEEK, most likely, per person. So big deal, at MOST 500 rds per year, per family., and probably more like 100 rds a year. :)

So you are out of your mind about "needing" 25,000 rds of .22 (or all calibers combined) if Big Brother shuts down the ammo, you are just DONE practicing, that's all,a nd it's time to start shooting PEOPLE.J So there's basically NOTHING that requires you to have more than a very few thousand .22's, a few hundred rounds (each) of a fighting rifle and a few scores rds of fighting pistol centerfire ammo). The rest is all WANT, either for fun or for training.
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HOW carry BOTH a fighting rifle and pistol

AND a full sized and wt .22 pistol and a .22 rifle, hmm? The .22 unit for the CAR-15 easily replaces the 22 rifle, and the longer range capability of the full size .22, making a compact, lw,canned .22 pocket pistol capable of handling what's left, and leaving room for a pocketable 9mm. 2.5 lbs of .22 "guns", not 8.5 lbs (figuring spare mags,scope on 10-22, holsters, etc. ) It all weighs SOME amount and has SOME amount of bulk, and it adds up FAST(to being more than you can CARRY).
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