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What 22 pistol would you want for SHTF survival.

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Let us Limit this situation to 22 caliber firearms only.

1. If you were to get a .22 pistol, for procuring food during SHTF times, what would you get, or what do you have?

2. How would you want it to be set up, such sights, magazines, accessories, belts and holsters, etc?

3. Why did you choose this particular pistol?

4. What types of 22 ammunition, do you prefer?

5. How much 22 ammunition do you have stored away?

6. If you see no practical use for a .22 handgun in your situation, are you relying instead on snares, and trapping, or a 22 rifle for shooting things bigger than rabbits, and upland game?

7. Would you use a 22 rifle to complement a 22 pistol?

Does snaring, and trapping, have any practical use for you in procuring food at all?

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Ruger Mk II Bull Barrel
Ruger 22/45, 5.5" stainless bull barrel.

Why? The grip angle is better than the MkII, and it is Ruger reliable. Not innaccurate either.

Rifle: yet another 10/22.

Ammo, enough. I buy a brick whenever I go to the gun store even if I don't buy anything else, I honestly don't know how many bricks I have.

To answer the question about carrying a rimfire rifle, battle rifle, .22 pistol, full-power pistol, etc. Answer: we're not. Because we aren't going to live out of a Handi Way bag. We have places to go and people to be with, and we aren't dumb enough to cripple our battle weapon by turning it into a rimfire.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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