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What are your SHTF and Survival plans for supplies and equipment?

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What is needed, is to bring some sanity and direction to this forum. If you don't have something positive to add -- Stay away from the thread.

I would like to hear what some of you have done to prepare for a major event, such as a terroristic attack, or a natural catastrophy, that stops food deliveries and causes panic, riots and looting?

Just express yourself with a general idea of your preperations, and articulate a wish list of what you would lilke to have, if possible. The following is some of mine.

1. Although I have many guns, and thousands of rounds of ammunition, I want more guns and ammo on hand, than I have right now. I want two and three each of some of my firearms.

2. I want at least a years supply of food.

3. A generous, and continous supply of water that can't be interrupted, or contaminated.

4. A location conducive to survival.

a. Small town -- Where I can get to know the majority of
people around the area. I have arranged to purchased a
small farm, 40 acres in the PNW, if the owner agrees to my

b. An area conducive to good hunting and fishing.

c. I want an area that is free from targets of interest to
terrorists. An area free of potential refugees, from large
population centers.

d. I want an area that will far enough off of the beat path, so
it will be free of opportunistic brigands.

e. An area where the disposal, of the results of defensive
actions, against terrorists, brigands and looters can be safely
made. (Shoot, Shovel and Shutup!)

5. An adequate supply of additional camping gear, securely cached, where easily recovery can be effected in a time of stress.

6. Self-powered communications equipment either by using a hand-generated system, or solar cell powered system.

This is some of the items on my wish list:

1. Additional guns and ammunition, reloading supplies for trading, and caching.

2. An additional cached supply of cached long-term food.

3. Several water filtration units, both man-portable and static.

4. An additional shelter, hidden to use as a post-strike base forrendezvous and regrouping.

5. A fully stocked, mini-farmfarm with facilities for chickens, goats and pigs, and a garden patch.

6. A 500 gallon fuel storage tank, for vehicles I own.

7. A four wheel drive ATV. Preferably with a 600 CC engine or larger.

8. A General Coverage shortwave radio.

9. A Ham Radio transceiver, with adequate antennas systems.

10. Three GPS (global position satellite) receivers loaded with topographical information. One GPS for use, two for the Cache.

What are your plans and aspirations?
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As for the original question, I don't plan for any scenario (short of a hurricane, since we get hit 6- 7 times a year). Instead I just have the equipment and supplies to react accordingly. I haven't thought of (or supplied for) everything, but what I have will give a good head start in a catastrophe.

Re the biological weaponry. Most is designed to become nonlethal in 3-5 generations (i.e. times the virus/bacteria mutates). Reason being they are designed to eliminate ot "take the fight out" of populations, so an enemy can move in and use the resources without having to fight for them. Terrorists would probably get their hands on military grade stuff. Terrorists sitting in multi-trillion dollar underground command centers and weapons labs creating doomsday weapons are the stuff of James Bond movies, not real life. That's what governments do.

Oops, there goes another night's sleep eh?
Raider said:
Do you mind if I insert a note of philosophy here?

I and my loved ones have prepared all we can. We start dying the moment that we are born and life is a crap shoot anyway. Any of us could be killed on the freeway tomorrow or we could die of an aneurism(sp?) that we didn't even know that we had.

Live or die, I'm not going to lose any sleep about it. Maybe death would even be preferable since I've never experienced it. I'm just going to keep on keepin' on and doing my best.

Well, you've expressed faith in God before, so in addition to the above, a Christian need not fear death, as we know where we are going.Most of my thoughts are on doing what I can for family and friends who don't. And the first step in that doesn't involve guns or supplies at all.
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