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What do you think about the new Smith and Wesson?

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What do you all think about the new smith and wesson SW99 Compact? It's only 22 ounces. I was thinking about the 9MM. Let me know if you have had any dealings with this gun. Thanks.
Ken Chiarella
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Personally I have just never been impressed with S&W semi-autos. I have looked at a bunch of them over the years, but never bought a single one. I was bound and determined to find a 10mm for the longest time, but none of their guns fit me right. I would pick up a piece and swing it up to eye level, but invariably the front sight would have to consciously be raised about a half inch to line up in the back site. Just not a pointer in my hands, so I passed.

In the early days, the model 39s and 59s used to be notorious jamamatics.

But maybe the semi-autos based on a Walther design will be a horse of a different color. I've been REAL close to buying a Walther several times. If they came out with one in .357 Sig, that would be the clincher for me.
I second that opinion about the trigger. That is exactly what kept me from buying one myself. Matter of fact, I wanted to buy a Walther P5, but the trigger pull left a lot to desire as well.

Any of you guys try the Steyr M40? Trigger pull isn't all that great but it's a pretty neat handgun, and would make an excellent carry piece. The sights aren't all that good for target shooting, but are damned effective for rapid fire at man-sized targets. I have one of the few of them that was made in .357 Sig.
Speaking of Steyrs, I was reading the 2004 Annual Handguns magazine by Guns & Ammo and saw in the buyer's guide that they listed a Beretta Cougar in .357 Sig. I have a Cougar in .45 and it's a real nice handling gun, but would REALLY like to have one in .357 Sig. So I jumped onto GunsAmerica, and just for the heck of it did a search on .357 Sig. Well man, I found TWO (2) ads in there for the Steyr M357. I immediately contacted both of them and have one locked up with my name on it, but haven't heard back from the other guy.

From what I have heard, Steyr only made 70 of that model. So I couldn't just ignore that now could I?

BTW about the Smith's, there is an article in this same above mentioned magazine about the Scandium Airweights in .357 Mag. Interesting reading. Seems the guy didn't like the double action trigger pull all the much. Not the standard S&W design, apparently.

Oh this above article also mentioned an Airweight in .44 Mag. :eek2: I saw one at a gun show recently and it fits the hand really well and feels real nice. But the light weight shooting full house .44 mags would KILL YOU. Maybe shooting .44 Specials would be OK in it, I guess.
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