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What real women do with Duct tape...

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should be obvious....


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Yeah... but... who gets to clean it? The man/men will say the mess is your fault for taping the seat down. Icky

Erin B.
Not to sell out any men, but I, for one, can aim.
Aiming isn't a problem, I just wish that dang water wasn't so cold. :laugh:
yeah, right!

Aiming isn't a problem, I just wish that dang water wasn't so cold
~ So, get off your KNEES!!!

OUCH Jude! But that was so good! ROFLMAO
Many years ago, when I was in my young 20s, a gal friend of mine and I visited some girls who were friends. When we got there, I was very happy in an anticipatory way, to see I would be spending the weekend with 4 great looking babes in Pacific Beach, Ca. I wasn't in their house more than about 15 minutes when the best looker of the bunch gave me a stern lecture about how to use the head. See gave explicit instructions that when I peed the top should be up so as not to get it wet. After I peed, I was to make sure the top was down - so that when one of the ladies sat down she would not get a cold rump or slip off the porcelain into the bowl.

I did what I was told, exactly as I was told. After I used the head, I put down the top. In the middle of the night, the same lady who gave me those instructions let out a loud howling scream when she apparently wet herself. Yes, she sat on the top in the down position, and thought it was the plastic seat - not the top (lid). She let loose and then let loose with a scream that could have awakened the dead. She tried to get me to clean it up, but I insisted I had only followed her instructions to the letter. The other gals, all awake now, agreed with me - so she got stuck with the cleanup. As for me, I was invited back the very next weekend, because the other gals thought this was a pisser - I guess she gave them lots of instructions too!

So ladies, be careful of what you wish for, you just may get it and more.

Best regards,
Glenn B
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~Ummmm, OK...

So ladies, be careful of what you wish for, you just may get it and more.
~ cute story. But what does it have to do with Clay's bravado?
Not a thing why should have something to do with Clay? It is just a sort of warning as to what yer'man may do with the top if you insist on taping the seat down!
Ok my aim is good, and even though i live alone I still am in the "Trained Mode" of putting down the seat...
If my oldest son see's me typing this he will throw a fit!

Toilet foibles~
When my oldest son was 2, he was just learning to properly use the toilet. We had instructed him on lifting the lid, working on aim, and to always put the seat back down when he was done. Being 2.....slamming the lid down and listening to the ear rending CRACK when the plastic slammed the porcelain was his idea of a "Funny"......he would giggle! I would holler, he would giggle some more..............until

Easter morning 1992. I hear the thunderous clap of plastic slamming porcelain and just as I begin to holler about breaking the toilet.........I hear an even LOUDER scream of pain from the bathroom...............

Lesson of the day~

If one insists on slamming the seat down, one should back up and remove his penis from the bowl rim first!
I will never understand why women are so bent out of shape on this issue.

They say "It only takes two seconds to put the lid down"

Yep. So why the hell is it that big of an issue to put it down yourself? LOL. I am a woman and its an embarassing arguement each time I hear it.

I'd rather be seen as "not naggy" then expect a man to remember to do something, and take two seconds to put the seat down myself. lol

The toilet lid thing for me isn't an issue of me forgetting to put it back down before I sit, it's more of a clealiness issue. My toilet has stains in it and gathers dust and other unsightly stuff. If the lid is down you don't notice that it needs to be cleaned again. I hate cleaning the toilet, and it seems like it needs to be done almost every day... rah!!!

that and I don't want the cat drinking out of it, ewww:puke:
A friend of mine (a confirmed bachelor by the way and this may give you some insight as to why) had his mother do a needle point to hang over his toilet. She did a nice job and it gave the bathroom a little bit of a homey touch. It read

"You are in my bathroom now. Please put the seat up when you are done"

I haven't seen him in a couple of years, I don't know if he still has the sign or not, but I know he is still not married.

Steve Schindler
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