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Ok, so going by the proximity to the heart and brain theory, if I give you a good solidly connecting swift kick or even just a punch in your testicles it should have about the same effect as if I hit you in the thigh because they are about the same distance from your (well most people's) brain as is the thigh. (Laugh don't get mad that was funny either way you interpret it.) Would you like to try that one out - let someone give you a full force punch or kick in your balls, and see if it has the same effect as hitting you in the thigh or if it is more like getting hit in the solar plexus?

What about a good hit to the shins. I can take a nice piece of hickory like an axe handle and hit someone upside their head and leave them standing, or at least having a quick back on their feet recovery; however if I hit them square across the front of either shin bone, I guarantee (if they are physically normal and have no nerve damage) they will go down or double over in excruciating pain - even if on PCP.

Try that balls thing on yourself sometoime and let me know the results.

All the best,
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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