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What would ya do

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Its 3:00 am on a friday night you wake up to a bump......what do ya do.

This happend last night It turnd out to be a stray dog on the porch. But I grabed a Remington 12-gage 870 express super mag (the 3 1/2 ) I also graped a mag-light. After finding out it was a dog I went back to sleep and woke up with this Q in mind WHAT would YOU do..........tell the truth not what i sould do. but what you would do.
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:) Hi_Gun_Crazy_Jr. Welcome to ArmsLocker! You did the right thing. You brought a flashlight with you to identify the potential target. I'm not sure that I would carry a shotgun with me, though. (Those things can make such a mess of the house!) A couple of years ago, I walked out on my patio at night to empty the kitchen garbage and looked to my left, straight, into the face of a huge (350# + ) black bear! Let me tell you my heart stopped! My guns were inside, unloaded and on the shelf; and, for a few moments, I felt like dinner.

What I remember, most, about this bear is the, 'benign look' on it's face. When we made eye contact I realized that, 'She?' wasn't going to hurt me. She hung around the property for months; and I did my best to keep the Pit Bulls away from her. That Fall the game wardens were called to a neighbor's house to tranquilize a large bear that had to be removed from their KITCHEN! ;)
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