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what's Python do, Blackhawk doesn't,

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realisically? For the extra $500, you'd THINK that there'd be SOMETHING, right? In fact, a .45 Colt Ruger has MORE power than the Python, if it's loaded right. $250,used, private party sale. Even a Superblackhawk .44 is only about $300, from such a source. So is a Contender, with a 30-30 barrel, and it's a far better big game gun and load than is the Python. It wont ever go "out of time", either, the way revolvers do. :)
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The python does let the user reload and resume firing a LOT faster than does the Blackhawk. It's another one of those "relative" things.

The Python (IMO) isn't the ideal defensive handgun, but 'relative' to the Blackhawk, it's measurably faster to use, especially if more than one cylinder-full is to be fired.

Picture this: you see a uniformed cop with a Python on his hip (consider Cirillo, who generally carried revolvers back in "the day"). Now picture your thoughts if you saw that same uniformed cop with a Blackhawk on his hip. Definitely have a more negative opinion of him in the second case, wouldn't you...?
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