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Whats the point in shooting dogs?

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I know that you claim to kill dogs for the purpose of scientific bullet investigation but that doesn't make sense to me. Even the largest dog will have, at most, the body mass of a child or small woman. Since your bullets are supposed to be intended for large men, why not use something closer in mass like a deer or feral hog. Feral hogs IMO would make the best test media because they are big and thick and tough. The only reason that I can see that you would single out dogs and cats is because you hate and fear them so. If you're too lazy or inept to go out into the wild and stalk these critters, why can't you volunteer to kill cattle and hogs that the ranchers want to slaughter. As long as you did your post mortem while carefully butchering them I'm sure that they would let you do so.

I would really like to hear your answer on this one.

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Cowards like easy kills.
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