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what's the point? regular .22's have plenty

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of accuracy, and there's actually very little in the way of more effectiveness than a Stinger offers. So why bother with other bs nose shapes,etc,hmm? Big waste of time and money.;
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If you're speaking of the Acu'rzr and Nastinose tool, its because they make good bullets better. Since you have never seen, much less used the tool you have no concept of what can be done to enhance the 22's performance.

The only BS comes from your posts.

In my experience with .22LR ammo, it's been a trade-off. Higher terminal performance seems always gained at the expense of accuracy. Stinger, Vipers, etc (do they still make Vipers...?) have the large cavities and velocity to maximize inflicted damage, but they've always been the least accurate .22 loads I've used. I've yet to try the Velocitors I bought; if they're respectably accurate, they'll be the first "hyper-velocity" .22 load I've found that is.

The standard- and high-velocity loads have always been more accurate and consistent, but at the cost of terminal performance.

And in my very limited (just the last year or so), the subsonics are generally even more accurate than the standard loads. I suspect that's due to avoiding the turbulence of accelerating thru the sound barrier, and then decelerating back thru it as it slows down in flight; but I don't claim to be a physicist or aeronautical engineer.

If using a .22 rifle for in-home defense, the Stinger, Viper, Velocitor, etc, would be the ticket. When I carried a Beretta 21A as a pocket gun, Stingers were what was in it.

If using a .22 rifle for foraging, I'd gladly give up their increased velocity for increased accuracy. No way I'd hunt with Stingers; in my guns at least, they've just suck for accuracy.

But for a bedroom carbine (if stuck with a .22), no way I'd want the subsonics I prefer for small critters; that's just giving up more "oomph" than I'd be willing to do.
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I have used the Velocitors in my pistols and noticed that they are a little harder on the recoil, and have heard rumors that the heavier slug is making for increased wear on semi auto carbines. I let my "Boss" carry them in a old H&R I won in a poker game, and dont doubt what the outcome of 9 rds going downrange would be. I carried a 22 for years where I worked as it was about all I could sneak in, and wouldnt feel undergunned if the need rose.
I chronoed "Velociters" last year and they give about 50 fps more than Federal copper washed bulk pack ammo. They are not worth the extra price.
My favorite .22 ammo is the CCI Stinger, the Federal WalMart bulk pack 36gr HVHP, and CCI's CB Long. I also like the Remington CB-EE ammo, but I've not seen it in a while. The CB-EE is Remington's CB Long but it has a copper plated bullet.

For performance combined with accuracy, an excellent balance is achieved by PMC's hypervelocity Predator 33gr hollowpoint ammo.
223 fan said:
So why bother with other bs nose shapes,etc,hmm? Big waste of time and money.;
I make a .22 with a WFN profile for small game hunting. Haned (Hanned?) makes a jig for that, but I made my own. They work a lot better on thin-skinned small game than the round nosed bullets do and don't destroy half the meat like a hollow point will. Takes a while to make a few, but a feller only uses a few at a time.

that's bs. Stingers thru the ribs destroy

exactly ZERO meat on small critters. I've seen MANY a rifle that would group 2" at 50 yds with stingers, and that's TWICE as much accuracy as you need for effective foraging. I've taken literally truck loads of game, with a flashlight and out of car windows in the am and pm, with pistols that grouped only 2-3" at 25 yds. FUNNY how the SAME bozos who CLAIM to be able to take critters with a sling shot and ROCKS INSIST that you HAVE to have 1" groups at 50 yds. I'll bet $5000 to ANYBODY'S $500 that they can't hit a 2" mark at 40 ft, with a sling shot and stones gathered THAT DAY, at that spot, 6 out of 10 tries. Any less than that is LUCK. Stones just AINT perfectly round, and if a projectile AINT round, it doesn't fly straight, simple as that.
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broadheads, PRACTICAL bow, etc,

10out of 10 shots, on 10" at 30m is GREAT shooting. With field made bow and arrows, same at HALF that range is all that can be reasonably expected (with big game heads, not blunts) Yet guys CLAIM that they can use such to forage with. Well, then, WHY do the SAME bozos claim you HAVE to have 1" groups at 50 yds with .22 rifle, hmm? One way or the other, they are fos. Either 3 " at 50 yds is PLENTY of accuracy, or the bow is HOPELESS as a foraging arm. Which is it, bozos?
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