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whats your apenyon

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Ok I am 16 ( NO I am not a thug, I hunt and trap and would like to get a handgun for a side arm.) My parnts are ok with it as long as they know EVERY time I take it out side the house. I live in NC so there not quite as meny laws on it. I want to know what yall think about a .45 1911 (still looking for it so i dont know what brand) :).
I need more power than the .22 mag Ruger single six revolver I have now. It dosnt matter much wether it simi, or a revolver. It need to be reliable and not too expesne, as I plan to sell a Remigton 870 express 12-gage for it. '

Thanks Randy
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You may want to check on the laws in your local area to see what they are concerning a minor owning and/or carrying a firearm. It will not matter what your parents are OK with if it is in violation of the law. Probably the first place to start asking is at a local gun shop. They will more than likely know the answers to your questions.
well I checked the law.....If i have ritten pemishon frome my parnts Its leagle aslong as im hunting or camping or traping....aka If i aint in the city.........I dint want to cary it to the mall anyway

The 1911 will be a good 1st handgun in my opinion. It has 2 safeties(grip and thumb) You dan't have to carry it "cocked and locked" When you are in the woods. I had my first hand gun at the age of 18. It was a Ruger P90 45ACP. I bought it used w/ 2 mags hip and shoulder hoster for $350. I still have it and that was about 10 yrs ago. I'm not sure about the cheaper 1911's but you can spend quite a bit on some of them. I bought a used colt series 80 MK IV for $500 or 550 Can't member'. When I was 18 I carried my Ruger most of the time in my truck, but that was in small town Arkansas. (went to school with half of the cops). I was in the U.S Army at 18 and could go to any 3rd world country and die in a sh%t hole but I could not buy a hand gun or a beer.....but that is a nother story in it's self!! The reason I brought up my Ruger was that you can still buy a VERY reliable gun for a lot less than a good 1911. I hate to say it but I don't think you will get a good 1911 for the price of a used 870.

:cool: :cool: :cool:
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I just like the looks of the 1911, What do you think I good trade for with this 870


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well the peaple here seam nice and willing to help out so i figgerd I would rejester.

Randy :crazy1:
Pulling off a trade is probably going to be pretty tough for you. That requires that the person you trade to has to want what you have, and he will have to have what you want in return. Dealers are generally not going to give you much in trade value and realistically that is about the only way you are going to find someone with something for you to get in trade. The chances of finding a private individual who just happens to have the handgun you want and wanting to trade it for your shotgun is kind of a long shot.

If I were you, I would try to sell your shotgun outright and use the money from that towards buying the handgun you want. Check out prices on a 1911 so you know how high you need to set your sights for saving up your money.

But good luck!
here's another thought.1911's are great.i have two.but,when i was sixteen i remember wanting a lot of different things(a reliable truck,a johnboat & motor,a centerfire rifle,fishing stuff-u really can't ever have enough fishing equipment:),etc.)45 acp ammo isn't cheap even if you re-load.why not a good 38 or 357 mag revolver?last night i was at the gun store,bought a 12ga 3.5 pump,they had a whole case full of ruger fixed sighted gp-100's & s & w model 10's.the smith's were about $200 & the ruger's were about $225.both of these guns can be kept fed cheaper than that 1911 & a 38 spec should take care of any small critter issues you might have.thereby saving cash to put towards something else.if you still want that 1911 then great but you can put it on the back burner until you don't have to sell the 870 to get it.
just a thought....
Good advice from everyone!

I bought this gun when I was 17 and have owned ever since. It's a Ruger Blackhawk in .357 mag. I can shoot .38's for cheap practice and load it up in .357 for more serious work.

I carried this gun as my sidearm guiding in Montana. It is a bit light for large bears but I never needed it for that.
You probably wouldn't find an old model like this for a straight trade either but something similar would serve you well.

I hope that's not your only shotgun, I regret not having every gun I've ever traded or sold!
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naw It aint my only shotgun heck it aint my only 870. :)
get an 80% finished 1911 alloy frame,

$100 or so, in in the mail, from the Tannery Shop, or KT Ordnance. Get the($300 or so) rest of the parts from Numrich Arms. all can be found with a Yahoo search. Get a .22 conversion unit, $225, from Jonathan Ciener Firearms, same yahoo search. You do not have to show ID to sign for a package from UPS, and an extra $20 gets it shipped "next day delivery", ya know.; All ya have to do is finish the frame, by cutting the grooves in it, for the slide to move in. Takes about 3-4 hours. Check out HomeGunsmithing forums for a "how-to".
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