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what's your favorite tool? axe? saw?

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shovel? chisel? micrometer? sciissors? Makes JUST as much sense as asking "what's your favorite gun? If you want to knock geese out of the sky, is your .38 snub STILL your "favorite'? If you want to teach a young girl to enjoy shooting, gonna hand her a 10 ga, or a 454, dummy? Wanna ccw in nyc, while dancing? then a 4" 357 is NOT your "favorite". Guns are TOOLS, nothing more, and nothing less.
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oh so narrow minded

they are works of art, they are heirlooms, they are collectables, they are many things to many people. your just to narrow minded to see it.
no I"m not. You dont have any insight

as to WHY you prefer a GUN, instead of antique crystal, jewelry, etc, that's all. I KNOW why. You are afraid to ADMIT why.
you make no sense

i guess you are just too far gone.

you ARE narrow minded and are as dumb as a box of rocks
the hell I am. I UNDERSTAND why you

favor guns, instead of ball games. you don't. You want to PRETEND you can do this or that with a gun. I seek PROOF that I can do so,via top flight, realistic competition.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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