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with rifle, hmm? What UNDERSTANDING did he have of mechanics, geometry, etc? So he was LUCKY to hit the torso at 50m, most likely, just like 3rd worlders are TODAY, and w/o DOUBT, any hits at 100m+ are pure LUCK.

In basic, I saw MANY guys unable to react to a signal,raise M16, disengage the safety, and hit a torso at 10 lousy yds, in 3 whole seconds. They got NO practice at this, just 10 TRIES to "qualify", and then they got shipped over to Nam.

And you, stupe, got rejected for Nam. If they were so bad a shot, the officers must have thought you were a real stupe and didn't want to risk other GIs with you over there. Sounds right seeing how stupid you are on tactics and survival methods. Why would they send a stupe that can't read a map, use a compass, shoots himself in the foot, etc... to a place were he MIGHT have to actually do something?

Those Apache's pissed more brains on a cactus than you have, stupe. They gave birth to stupes like you everytime they took a dump.

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Are you serious?

The started practicing at birth for a life of nomadic raiding and raping. An indian raid consisted of them stalking in very close and ambushing from close range. They almost never fought from horseback unless they just plain had too.

As far as thier rifle skills are concerned there where many notable indian "sharpshooters" from the period, so I have to believe at least some of them could shoot.

You better start studying up on indians, if you want to discuss this with me, you are getting ready to make some silly errors LOL

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