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223 fan said:
when it's for real, u wont do jack crap but crawl into a hole, and you KNOW it. So do WE. You are scared to HIDE a CAR-15 lower in your vehicle,ferchrissakes, for occasional trip to CA.
Why hide an AR in one's car, a felony in CA, when you can just carry something else that's just as effective but also LEGAL, like a Mini-14?

I often travel light, in case I have to catch a plane, walk through a hotel lobby, etc. Usually I'll just have a pistol and a field knife in my bag, for 'just in case'. If anyone ever notices, like at an airport, you can explain that away and avoid hassles and questions a lot easier than a broken down scoped assault rifle.

Those of us that can actually travel have to think of such things realistically.

Besides, amigo, your rate of success at breaking the law doesn't seem high enough to offer consulting services in such an arena. :)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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