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Who has a handgun in .22 short?

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I borrowed an old High Standard Model C from my boss and had a blast with it. I am looking to add one to my collection, but would like some input from owners.
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I have a S&W 317-3 AirLite that I shoot .22 shorts in. It's fairly accurate but still shoots a bit high and I can't adjust the sights any more to compensate. But man it feels like a toy. Almost no weight at all to it.
i've got a little barretta 950 auto in .22short. i thought about useing it for a key fob it's so shoots good though and it's cute as hell.
Don't have one anymore

But I shot a school gun in International Rapidfire mailmatches in college, a Hi Standard Olympic .22Short.
Wish I'd got one, but the standard "Starving Student" excuse kept clogging my wallet til they went out of production:crying: :crap:
I have a few 22 revolvers I use 22 shorts and those mexican 22 long (350 fps) rounds that make no noise in. Both are a funny for me to shoot but nice to teaching my daughter with and great for pest control if you're in need of that.

Just buy a wheel gun and you're set, shoot any of the 22 rounds you want in it from 22 ball to 22 LR. Just remember you can't interchange the 22 mags.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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