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I think most of us have our SHTF gear and plans squared away. After all, we DID something for those 13.5 years you were in the klink not preparing at all.

As I and others have said time and again, once you've got what you NEED, you can get what you WANT. Well, WE can anyway.

However, most of us also don't think that our plans/gear is foolproof, so we always look for something better. For one, I haven't seen much of anything I'd swap my gear out for. Sure, soem things do what I want better than what I have, but it usually means giving up something that mine does adequately, but the new gear won't do at all, so I don't change. Simple really.

See now, what's funny, is most of us have our "namad" bug out gear set up. In my case it's the first thing that goes in the truck. Then all the other gear. Bugging out on foot is always an option for us. It's your ONLY option, if you even have gear (which you won't ever talk about, so you probably don't).

I've even had a couple of SHTF scenarios happen here. First was the major fires in '98 and we had to evacuate. Made it to the closest shtf retreat no problems. Second was hurricane Floyd. Made it to the chosen retreat no problem, and that was with just about the entire east coast of Florida evacuating tying up the roads (ain't 4wd great?). Guess what? No one else EVER came to where we went. So much for the millions coming in droves theory.
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