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why do beginners "think' that their first pistol

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should be their ultimate defensive pistol? Hell, have to start with .22 belt gun, then 9mm belt gun, then probably a .45, then a lw .45, to get used to significant recoil, then a pocket .22, to get used to the limitations of the pocket gun, at low cost,and then FINALLY the lw, powerful pocket gun, (if they are truly serioius enough about HAVING a sidearm, to ever GET that far.. In 4 years on the net, I"ve never seen anyone but me explain all this to a newbie. You progress FASTER(to true ability) if you start with a .22. It's NOT just an "in between". A FEW can start with a full size and wt 9mm, and proceed on to do well, but no faster and no cheaper than if they'd used the .22 in the interim. Many have been screwed up by trying to START with a lw, compact 9mm, or a .45. They never get past the initial difficulty, and go on to really master any handgun.
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If the person doesn't want to start with a .22, an most don't (maybe its not macho, I don't know), I recommend a Stainless .357 with adjustable sights. Ammo is cheap, light loads for newbies are available, the gun holds its value if they get bored with it, the stainless finish is more forgiving when the firearm is neglected, its "gunkid" proof, no levers and switches to confuse them and if they practice its a fairly dependable defence gun when used with speedloaders. I like the S&W M66 or the GP-100 myself.
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