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why don't u just get real, go with a white hanky

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That way u can surrender without a fuss like all of the other times.

After all, why break a perfect record. :)
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<font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font> u,punk. I didn't make any claims, and then BACK DOWN from a bit about them. :) You are a liar and achiken<font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font><font color=red>*</font>.
I have no idea what a 'achiken' is, some Country singer?

What claims did I back down from? All I said was that I can kill small game with rocks from a slingshot with rocks.

Still say it. Not bragging, just a fact.

Just because some dumbass aging loser wannabe who's wasted most of his life wants to make an assinine bet, something he's done a lot but NEVER stood fast on, doesn't mean I automatically hop in the car and drive 1000 miles.

Over a slingshot of all things.

You see, this is your scam. You know that EVERYONE knows that you don't have $5K and you know that NO ONE has time to just drive to Buttf^ck Colorado.

So you shoot your mouth off, make a bet with some ridiculous, unrealistic, assinine rules, and then lie about how everyone 'backed down'.

You got the aging jailhouse punk act down pretty good.

You kow mentally, you're still a convict. This is why you're probably going back to jail.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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