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advantage over the 223? The 223 sp has PLENTY of power, to realistic ranges, and the 223 auto's offer the very valuable .22lr conversion unit, and are still handy with a truly effective suppressor attached. They are also concealable when broken down. The FAL basically sucks in all areas.

those who "think" that it's a good idea to waste a bunch of time and ammo, shooting at what they can't SEE (IE, "thru cover") will soon be OUT of 308 ammo, since they can't carry enough of it to amount to a crap, miss a lot, are slow with it (no can
everything highlighted is weapons grade stupid. people lost IQ points just reading it.

Just like your "standing around in the open" stupid comments:

what is making anyone shoot at things they cannot see?
why are they missing a lot?
Why are they slow with it?
Why can't they put a suppressor on it?

Suppressed .308.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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