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223 fan said:
why lug around FAL,when it has no range advantage over the 223? The 223 sp has PLENTY of power, to realistic ranges, and the 223 auto's offer the very valuable .22lr conversion unit, and are still handy with a truly effective suppressor attached. They are also concealable when broken down. The FAL basically sucks in all areas.
1.) It has PLENTY range advantage over the .223
2.) It hits harder at all ranges than the .223
3.) The .22 unit is of little training advatage (teaches trigger control, that's a bout it, the ballistic difference between the LR and .223 is too severe for it to be of any use in marksmanship training), and less tactical advantage, and just plain stupid to intentionally cripple your primary weapon.
4.) while a suppressor is an advantage in ambush, if you have time to set up an ambush, you have time to set it up with a full size rifle.
5.) The AR is no more concealable when broken down than the FAL. Give up the idea of not being noticed with it shoved down your skivvies. Give up the idea that you're going to have the time to reassemble it in a fight. "concealability" of an AR over any othrr rifle is a moot point.
6.) The FAL is one of the most reliable semiauto designs ever developed. A butchered AR is not.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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