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why lug around FAL,when it has no range

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advantage over the 223? The 223 sp has PLENTY of power, to realistic ranges, and the 223 auto's offer the very valuable .22lr conversion unit, and are still handy with a truly effective suppressor attached. They are also concealable when broken down. The FAL basically sucks in all areas.

those who "think" that it's a good idea to waste a bunch of time and ammo, shooting at what they can't SEE (IE, "thru cover") will soon be OUT of 308 ammo, since they can't carry enough of it to amount to a crap, miss a lot, are slow with it (no can or .22 unit practice, make noise, atract attention, scareoff the game) Many items DO stop 308 bullets too(like engine blocks|) dummies. Enough concrete, brick, stone, dirt or wood will do so, too. You can easily fire 100 rds at ONE guy ,ONE fight, and NEVER touch him, if he's hiding behind a car. 100 rds of 308, inmags is the MOST that's feasible to lug around, along with the 40 lbs of other gear that the 308-45 dummies "think" is the way to go.
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Yet again

Melvin beats this dead horse.
Nothing new and original tonight Melvin?

Thats not fair at all.How could you post a pic of YOUR rifle like that in front of GK????
You know he cannot compete with that pic at all,...maybe if you would have posted a pic of your lady's weapon he could have atleast been able to stay in the game,Im sure Prophit would have let GK post a pic just to stay in the game.
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