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...Why not just go get a college loan,3-6k and get everything that you want, right now, and make the $20-$60 per month payments? half of the loan does not accrue interest until 6 months after you stop school. You can get one 3k loan that doesnt have interest, and another 3k loan (per semester) that DOES charge interest the minute that you receive it. A pell grant covers your actual expenses, so the loans are cash in your hand. No credit check, you can drop to half time without penalty, and you still get yet another semester of full time loans. You only have to get "C's" to keep the money coming, If you set it up just right, starting in Jan and maintain a 3.25 GPA, you can have 27k in your hand in a 1 year period. and do only 800 hours of study/class. But if you want to get more such loans, you'll have to devote another 400 hours to the second January class. Still, you can get 3k per year with plasma sales, for a total of 30k and by living in a van, eating at the mission and the church, getting food from the food pantries, etc, live for a year on 5k. I know a guy who used half of his 25k to go get a very fine young wife. :) She can get the same loans and grants as a US citizen, now that she's got her green card. CAuse she's already a nurse, the classes are easy for her to pass, while also working full time. She does not have to repay the loans, as long as she works as a nurse. So that 21k per year is (untaxed) "free money" for her. :) She clears 40k per year and is very happy to have 20k of it. She sends half of that back to her family and is a heroine to them. Restoration of my rights costs 50k. Just IMAGINE, guys. Gk with a Title II license. :)
So you used govt-handout "loans" that you have no intention of repaying (ie, took fraudulently; read the loan application), to travel to a foreign country that's known worldwide as one of the easiest places for an American male to find a wife; largely because it's a country with an average income of one-fourth that of the United States. Selling your plasma, living in a van, and eating at homeless shelters. So by your own words - homeless, jobless, living on handouts from the government and charities, and that's the basis for your claim of "I had my pick of millions of women"...?

Sorry John; I don't mean to come across as mean, but sometimes the "wow" factor just gets the better of me. You constantly claim to hate religious organizations and you constantly claim to hate the government. Yet here again you admit your dependence on them for your very sustenance. I've said it before, but that's like a tick claiming it wishes the dog would die. Nobody would find it believable, would they...?
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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