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why settle for feeble pos likeMakarov?

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either practice more,havemore fun with 2214 or4" Buckmark 22, (5x less cost per shot, same or better accuracy, durabilty with 2214, and a LOT more of each with Browning .22) or get REAL power, with an alloy compact of some sort (preferably a 1911) The 24 oz, 6.7" long compact 1911 weighs less than the Makarov, is no longer, so it's every bit as ccw-able as is the Mak, and it offers at LEAST 3x the likelihood of being able to stop an attacker.
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U seem pretty hung up on Makarov's and slingshots.

So, what you're saying is that u'r too cheap to buy Makarov ammo? :)

If you had ever bothered to actually carry one, you'd know that the Mak was just a nice carry piece.
It means he's afraid of an inexpensive, effective weapon that almost anyone can afford, can conceal and can take out a criminal like him with easily.
Yeah, a Makarov does seem to be his cross and garlic.
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