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why settle for:'Taking a few of them with you'?

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why not kill them by the thousands, and get away with it? It's quite feasible, if you know how to go about it. They need FUNDS with which to pay troops and buy gear. Taxes can only come from PROFITS, and it's EASY to cost Big Brother MANY billions of $, per man that knows what to do. Every million $ you take from BigBrother is 20 jbt's that dont get their 50k$ a year. Nobody is going to work(dangerous work) for a year without being paid, so it's the same thing as killing that many guys. A billion $ hit is the same thing as killing 20,000 of them ,which is easily 50x what the greatest warrior ever did, with just his rifle. I can think of a case wherein ONE hit with a .50 BMB would cost BB MANY billions of $. I can think of a way to take BILLIONS of $ out of the economy, with nothing but a syringe, too.
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You know, crap like this gets posted and people wonder why the Feds take the clown down hard.
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