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in a handgun load, hmm? The orignal Glaser 9x19 load, circa early 1970's, had 700 ft lbs. It's not at all hard to match that performance (ie, 96 grs at 1850 fps) with today's 9x25 Dillon, 10mm, .45 Super, or .38 Casull cases, in 5" barrrels) and the 357 Sig can come so close that it doesnt matter much,if at all. The 460 Rowland Split Nose load offers 800 ft lbs, from a 4" barrel. It ALSO offers the major advantages of being AP, and the temporay cavity effect of a rifle sp hit, because it's 70 grs at 2300 fps. It's just as controlable as .45 ACP ball ammo is, too.
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