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why u THINK there's seasons, bag limits, regs

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against snares, dogs, baiting, jacklighting, etc, hmm? cause without such rules, all the game animals would be GONE, even WITHOUT millions of dog packs running them to death, only 10 million hunters after them, using mostly sporting methods. with 100 million hunters, using ANY means, and thedog packs and the cats (latter taking small stuff, birds, eggs, nestlings) the game will all be gone in a month or so. The livestock will all be gone in a week or 2, too. Which is why you'd better shoot and jerk "your" cow the first night or 2). Get the 2 100 lb sacks of grain first night or two, also. With such cached, and a few good spiderholes(turned into small dugout shelters after shtf) you don't HAVE to risk the stupid trek of hundreds of miles in your 4wd, being SHOT AT every few miles. :)
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Give up the fantasy.

All the animals wil not be gone in a week or two, and 99% of the people will not be dead in a month. You simply won't have the advantage of no one being around that you rely on.
i never said 99% would be dead in a month. I said 20millon will be, and I'm CORRECT. that is just the serioiusly ill, decrepit folksamonst our 280 million in the US. I said 90-99% of people will be dead in a YEAR, if shtf continues, and I'm right about that, too. You are just stupid about how long the game will last, that's all.
CURRENT 10mill hunters,would wipe out ALL GAME

in a year, if they were allowed to do whatever, whenever they wished. They damned near did so during the Depression, WITHOUT all the modern guns, scopes, etc available today.
You have little understanding of population desities or human behavior. 99% will NOT be dead, not in a month, not in a year. All the game will not be gone in a month, or a year either. But since your fantasy requires that everyone more experienced and skilled than you be dead so you'd survive, I understand why you cling to these delusions.
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