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why would any SERIOUS terrorist

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NOT be wearing armor, have AP ammo in his pistol, not be SUPER fast at draw and hit, not have a canned auto rifle concealed in his vehicle, not have hand grenades, etc, hmm? So HOW are a couple of cops going to actually ARREST such a man? They MAY make him abandon his current AO, but they will die doing even THAT little. That much "preparation", to include fake ID, a sound suppressor, back up, UNCOMPROMISED transportation, makeup-disguises, etc, would be VERY basic gear and skills for anybody with a lick of sense, who was even HALFWAY dangerous.

The bozos dont even know enough to steal a truckload of oxygen and acetylene gas bottles, and use THAT as explosive, instead of the FAR less effective fertiilizer bs. They don't even know to pack 1 side of a van with sand bags, the other side with ball bearings and scrap metal,with the gas bottles in between with a few sticks of stolen dynamite , a pipe bomb "detonator", a common 12 volt car battery, and an egg timer. :) For a remote detonator, a common phone pager and cell phone work great, if you have the schematics of the pager. See, the pager doesn't run a "test cycle" when first turned on for any REAL reason, except to prevent its use as a remote detonator.
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Oh, so now your fantasy is that you are a big bad terrorist.

You are absolutely nuts! I wonder how many of your statements like the one above could be considered terroristic threats under the Patriot Act. Threats that could get you branded an enemy combatant and imprisoned without a hearing or access to a lawyer.

That's what makes it so funny to see them knocked on their asses every time they mix it up with Western forces. They are passable murderers but weak soldiers. You've seen that ALQ video footage of their elite taking down some building? Funny. Hopping around with their AK's in the gansta aspect, and carrying their pistols in two hand Sabrina. Sorry bastards.
u r scared of your own shadow, <font color=red>[**censored**]</font>

pussies like you are the REASON we have so little freedom left.
You had better be scared of people who have legal authority to take you away to prison without your being charged for a crime and who can hold you there indefinitely without being brought before a judge, without a hearing and without a lawyer.

Is it possible that you're just hoping to go back to the slammer where your services will make bubba happy?

Your mouth is your worst enemy.


I have to disagree with you,JD's mouth is NOT his worst enemy,its his brain,or lack of.
Gunkid, I make my living working with explosives and training first responders. You know nothing about what they have knowledge on. The AQ's terrorist manual is over 1,500 pages long. Sit down, let others play in the real world. Wannabe.
IIRC the "held without trial, council, or charges" ruling was applied to the prisoners in Gitmo, and under the Hauge convetions, as irregular forces(guerrillas) they were also not covered by the Geoneva convetions, and eligible for summary executions. If we are caught doing something in a forgein countrywe will be punished by their laws, or extradited by our embassy. These people are not eligible for such treatment and could be executed on sight for what they have done.
PS If a "serious" terrorist ever wanted to make a bang in the US I dont think they would resort to a OXY-Acyctelene bomb, especially trying to make a van sized claymore out of it. There is much more stable stuff available just MNSHO:p
Simple reason, stupekid. Terrorist don't want to be CAUGHT. A terrorist that gets into a shootout or with weapons on or near them has been exposed.

You, on the other hand, HAVE BEEN CAUGHT several times. It would be a laugh to see you caught again. I hope the feds see this post you made and you 'disappear' into 'enemy combatant' twilight zone.
Tard, there are experts working on every possible scenario concerning what a terrorist may get his hands on and how it can be used. Taking that information, appropriate responses are being designed and implimented.

Believe me, your fantasy is easy to counter. There are a few though that are quite frightening to consider but what you dream about isn't one of them.

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