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Winchester 94...1949 in .32...Should I?

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A friend of mine has a 1949 model 94 in .32 wcf (I think...or .32 special maybe?) I'm not too sure of the condition but I'm pretty sure it's in good working order. He wants to sell it with a Lawrence leather scabbard for $500. He's not sure about the specifics at the moment it could be a carbine or rifle. It's tucked away in his safe, I'll go check it out later.

My interest in the leverguns has me thinking this might be worth looking into. Any opinions?
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Awww... the blue book!

Hey, thanks for the tip. At least with that info I might be able to talk him down a bit. He's had this gun for quite some time and it hasn't moved at the shows he's done. Maybe he'll drop the price .

I think I may have been bitten by the Levergun bug!
Just checked it out. Serial # 159XXXX

I don't know much about grading a gun but it is all original, only has one spot of wear on the reciever. The barrel and tube have good bluing. The front and rear stock have what appears to be original finish with no wear. They have what appears to be normal handling marks?
The front site and hood are there as well as the rear buckhorn site. The butt plate looks original, metal with a checkered appearance. The action is tight, the bore is bright! Nothing loose on this gun. I don't think it has been fired much at all. No flatband though, it's slightly rounded.
If I were to grade it with my limited knowledge of grading, I'd say it's 80-85%

The scabbard is in like new condition, very nice. Don't know it's value but I'd say around $100.

He was in a hurry heading out of town so we'll work it out later, but I think it'll come home with me! When I shoulderd that gun it felt like an old friend.

We also handled his Win. 1895 30-06. I was surprised at the wieght of that brute! That's a whole different animal then the '94!
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1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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