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For those of you with wives or girlfriends that complain about your hunting, let ol' GB1 give you a bit of advice:

Take your wife or girlfriend hunting. Beg, plead, promise her jewelry...but get her out there with you just one time. Ah, but this won't be just any hunting trip. Make it a picnic, too. If it's cold, bring a heater and blanket big enough for two.

Make the day all about her. Who cares if you don't see a deer all day, that's not the point. Show her the serenity of nature. Talk about how the leaves will soon turn bright colors. Speak of the wonders of the forest. Tell her how the animals will soon seek out mates and a cozy place to spend the coming months. How the big buck will seek out a beautiful doe. Snuggle up to her. Give the animals something to talk about.

As the day unfolds, remind her how you two met and came to enjoy each other's company. Mention to her that hunting can be a couple thing to do together. Ask her what she would like in the picnic basket on your next hunting trip together.
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