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I'm new here, and what a cool site this is!!! I am an avid Deer Hunter, and Fisherman. Just came back from a fishing trip with a bunch of guys (friends and family) and had a great time. However, the old lady rags on me constantly about my hobbies. Money, she says. I spend too much money on my hobbies. What about HER spending??? Clothes, shoes, jewelry. She has so much of it, she can't possibly wear it all. She's un-employed at the moment, but gets a check from the state twice a month, thank god. I'm venting because I need to know if any man, just for a split second, thinks about getting rid of his wife. Not an option, of course. They ain't worth goin to jail for. But, every once in awhile, a fleeting thought crosses my mind............ Nah.
Thanks for letting me rant.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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