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Wolf Ammo

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Was just curious on opinions reference using Wolf Ammo. I use it in .223 but haven't tried it in any other caliber.
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I use Wolf in 7.62x39 and 9x18 MAK. It isn't target ammo but it makes adequate groups. The most positive I can say is that it fires every time. Its great for fun and plinking.


what I"ve seen of it seems to work ok, but quality control seems a bit sketchy at times, accordingto some on the Net. If you want to shoot it a lot, get a 1000 rd lot, randomly pick and testfire 100 rds out of that lot. If all work flawlessly, the remaining 900 rds can be considered to be of adequate quality also. Chronograph them check POI on target, to compare to your chosen combat ammo. They might be different enough to make you do somethings differently.
Yeah, i haven't had any problems with it in my AR, just plinking. I have heard some horror stories about it in the recent future. I bought my 1000 rounds of it in .223 before I learned much about it. before that I always bought federal in bulk, sometimes remington but found Wolf to be much cheeper, specially shooting out from an AR where i can go through a lot of rounds quickly. Now the prowed owner of a 357 mag and wanting to go shoot the you know what out of it but found ammo for it isn't cheep, I know to keep cost down can shoot 38's but they just don't have the same feel as that 357.
well,consider what the 357is FOR. get a 9mm instead, the ammo is 11c a shot or so, and the gun is a lot more controlable. A lot of 357 ammo aint all that effective. The 1200 fps, 158 gr jhp's,for instance. They often don't expand the jhp much, at that low a velocity, and theyv'e only got 500 ft lbs. So about 1/3rd of that power gets wasted on the far side of the man, and you are stuck with .40 sec or slower "splits", the times between your repeat-hits. Put the 90 gr Corbon jhp's in an 8" long, 9mm,5" barrel, you get 1550 fps, and 500 ft lbs, and it expands the jhp radically, wasting almost no power on the far side of the man, and your split times can be .20 second or faster. You CAN miss, ya know,when it's for real. In fact, 90+% missing of the chest is the normal-reality,when being shot at. When all it is is a knife, club,or unarmed attack, the guys do a bit better, sincethe range is a lot less. :)

you dont WANT ANY RECOIL, if you could somehow get away without it, and still have the requisite levels of power to stop a man. All recoil does is slow you down and make you miss. So don't go thinking you WANT 357 levels of recoil. That's a misconception.
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The biggest problem I've seen with Wolf is that those steel cases are real hard on extractors in semis.

I only have the 357 for fun, not intended for home defense, I love shooting it.. I have 3 9mm and a glock .40, the glock is my main home protection, 9mm ammo is pretty cheap, some found even cheaper then Wolf.. How well it shoots not sure, not sure on wolf with 9mm either, never tried it. but on a average i see that wolf is pretty cheap in bulk. I also would like to know about wolf shotgun ammo, right now i don't recall if i have even seen any made by wolf hhmm..
You can usually get Winchester Super Speed pretty cheap if you buy it by the case of 10 boxes. The plastic case is so soft that its basically non-reloadable. Shoots good though. Use it when we lure in crows.

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