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Words of wisdom Fron Jeff Cooper

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"Blessed are they who, in the face of death, think only about the front sight. -- Jeff Cooper "
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"And goodness and mercy shall follow those who remain calm and don't flinch."

bs, since 99% of the time, for civilians, the front sight isn't needed, and only slows you down. 90% of all attackers dont make you HIT them with a bullet, and the front sight adds virtually NOTHING you your ability to intimidate the attacker into stopping. 90% of those who WONT stop at just the sight of your (ready to fire) gun, will be at 10 ft or less of range, at which the front sight is not needed in order to get a chest hit.
Post a link tp prove these "statistics" you keep spouting.
I"ve posted the sources MANY times. Do a search for the ANNUAL Dept of Justice Crime Survey. It ALWAYS says between 65-75% of all attacks are NOT made with a gun. ie, 10 ft max distance you can justifiably FIRE at the guy (NOT DRAW, dumbass, FIRE). The annual FBI Uniform Crime Report says over HALF of all GUNFIGHTS occur at ranges of 10ft or less. So, say 70% of all attacks are non gun. Say 60% of the remaining (the gun attacks) are under 10 ft. That means that 90% of all attacks do NOT require firing beyond 10 ft.

Look at the MOST violent, deranged, antisocial assholes, ever dealt with, as a group, in ARMED confrontations. The 280 guys that Cirillo's NYPD Stakeout Unit dealt with. Only 40 odd DIDN'T surrender (instantly) when confronted by the cops, at gunfpoint. MORE WOULD HAVE SURRRENDED, but Jim and his buddies SHOT them before they COULD. Nearly all the shootings occured in the very first few months of the Stakout Unit's existence. That was BEFORE the word on the street got out that the cops WOULD shoot you down, if you didn't drop the gun INSTANTLY. If you TURNED toward them, reacting to their "challenge", they DID shoot you down, period. Those guys had the MOST to lose, by surrendering. they were ALL doped up, MULTIPLE armed offenders, facing an AUTOMATIC life in prison. The punks YOU confront, for most crimes are going to get a $10,000 bond, and WALK the next day or 2. so WHY should they CONTINUE the attack, hmm? They are facing at MOST 5 years in prison, in nearly every case. Many have been in prison MANY times, ALL their friends are there (or will be, shortly). So they are very much unlikely to risk taking a bullet, getting a homicide conviction, etc.
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Sorry but that had nothing to do with SHTF! If the balloon ever goes up, those type of actions will be ancient history. Get with the program JD!
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