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Check this out---TAPCO has recently obtained the exclusive rights to this superior G2 fire control group for the AK47, by Gordon Technologies. This will mean that you will have this fantastic product faster and will be more reliable than ever. In fact, the group has been modified for assembly outside of the gun to make it easy to drop into place in the rifle. It is US made and it contains the hammer, a double-hook trigger, disconnector, and bushing. This trigger group has a 3.5-4 pound trigger pull, an advanced design and a lifetime warranty. It is a sure-fire product. Whether you are replacing your trigger group to give the right number of American pieces for a pistol grip stock or just looking for the best trigger pull, this fire control group is the choice for you. It is guaranteed to drop in with a great fit and function on your rifle. **Call george Just $39.99 single or double hook styles -In Stock Now...

>>TAPCO sales specialist. 1-800-554-1445 ext 108 Respectfully, George

>>>Attention Dealers and Gun Show Sales-Quanity Discounts are Available to Increase your Profits

>>Dealer Hot line 1-800-250-3757 ext 108 George or [email protected]
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