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1)9mm - 655 rounds. This lot consists of 305 rounds of LAX New factory 115gr FMJ. LAX sells this in ammo cans and this is all that is left of one but it's all new manufacture. We also have 300rds (6 boxes) of Federal 115gr FMJ and 1 50rnd box of Herters 115gr FMJ. All brass cased, factory loaded ammo. The price for all 655 rounds is $250.
2).223 - 263rnds. This is loose packed inside an ammo can, 263 rounds of Federal American Eagle 55gr FMJ .223. The price for the can is $100.
3)45ACP - 579rds. This lot consists of 289 rounds of Fiocchi 230gr FMJ (one of the 200 round boxes only has 89 rounds left, I uh shot the rest). 150rds (3 boxes) of Winchester 230gr Service Grade FMJ, 100rds (2 50rd boxes) of Monarch 185 jacketed hollow points, and 40rds (2 boxes) of Federal Premium Punch 230gr Jacketed Hollow Points. All factory brass cased ammo. The price for the lot is $230.
4) 7.62x39 - 661rds. This lot consists of 661 rounds of Russian steel cased non corrosive 7.62x39 all loose packaged in baggies. We have here 325rds of Tula 122gr FMJ Steel Case, 203 rounds of Barnaul 123gr Laquered Steel Case FMJ, 74 rounds of Tula 122gr HP Steel Case, and 59 rounds of MFS Russian 125gr SP, Zinc Plated Steel case. The price for the lot is $200
5).22LR - 1875rnds. This lot consists of 975rnds (3 325rnd boxes) of Federal 36gr Copper Plated HP, 500rnds of Federal American Eagle 40gr Solids, and 400rnds of Winchester 36gr copper plated HP. The price for the lot is $220

PM if you are interested,will send picture
Willing to ship
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