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These are original Spanish CETME 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Win) 20rd surplus mags. They are pre-ban manufactured, therefore there are no Federal restrictions on trade. vary from good to excellent condition. Expect grease and grime, but they clean up real nice. The beautiful thing about these mags is that they will also fit and function in the H&K G3/91 series rifles. But the H&K Mags will not work in the CETME. There are thousands of CETME rifle that have, and are being reproduced in the U.S. currently. Many H&K collectors buy the CETME because the H&K G3 Battle Rifle was designed after the CETME using most of the CETME pattern and engineers. The Germans hired them to build what they, and many others, believe to be the finest available. So the H&K enthusiast can use the CETME mag in both of his/her rifle. Supply is limited on these. This item cannot be shipped to California, Massachusetts, or New Jersey. **Call george Special offer Buy 10 just $3.99 ea

>>TAPCO sales specialist. 1-800-554-1445 ext 108 Respectfully, George

>>>Attention Dealers and Gun Show Sales- Increase your Profits

>>Dealer Hot line 1-800-250-3757 ext 108 George or [email protected]:D
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